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It’s only natural that you want to keep your skin looking fresh, young, and healthy. You do all you can by wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, but if you’re feeling like your skin care is still lacking, then our med spa in Scottsdale can help! 

Here at Vibe MedSpas, we aim to provide you with the beauty and health services you need, whether that’s dermal fillers, weight loss, BOTOX®, IV therapy, laser therapy, or something else entirely. Of course, we want you to feel at home and love your med spa. For that reason, we’ve written today’s blog about four aspects to always look for in a med spa — and we invite you to put Vibe MedSpas to the test! Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to contact us today to schedule a free consultation as a new client.

Diverse Services

You, of course, have diverse needs. It only follows suit that your med spa in Scottsdale should offer diverse services to meet those needs! Before you ever even commit to a consultation with a medical spa, first look at their menu of services. Consider your goals and what services can best help you get there. Are those services on the list? If not, then move along. If so, then it could be time for a consultation.

When you are then at the med spa for your consultation, don’t be shy about your goals and needs! Trust us: we’ve heard it all. If you’re interested in something and you’re not sure we have the service for it, then ask!

Excellent Reputation

Next, be sure to check the med spa’s reputation. Do they have countless bad reviews or glowing, 5-star reviews? Do they reply to negative reviews and offer to make it right? A few bad reviews here and there isn’t necessarily a bad thing; just be wary if they only have bad reviews or the negative reviews are all addressing the same problem without any sign of improvement. You should also pay attention to the dates in which reviews were posted.

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Competitive Prices

Another aspect to consider is the pricing structure at your new med spa. This is vital to learn because it will affect your frequency and what types of services you receive. We hope a price of a med spa service will never be too prohibitive, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into from the beginning.

Experienced & Qualified Doctor

Finally, it’s absolutely crucial that you find a med spa with an experienced and qualified doctor you trust. Technicians should have proper training, credentials, and experience to be working on something as technical as BOTOX® injections, microblading, PRP therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and more. Here at Vibe MedSpas, Dr. Briana Cain is a board-licensed medical doctor specializing in anti-aging and functional medicine.

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