What’s the best thing about getting older? Is it watching your kids grow, and then having the opportunity to watch their kids grow? Maybe the best thing about aging is the vast amounts of wisdom that come from years of experience. Whatever the best thing may be, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate our older years. 

Now think about some of the worst things about becoming older. While a lot of you could probably come up with a few ideas, a lot of them probably stem from the fact that our bodies don’t function the way they used to, and this can cause a myriad of issues that are both painful as well as inconvenient. These issues can range from joint pain to back issues to gray hair, but the most devastating downside to getting older, and can be especially painful for women, is a loss in sex drive. 

Your Hormones are a Prime Suspect

It’s true that with age our bodies decline, making sex either painful or nonexistant. Unfortunately, this is often the case for women, especially when they start to go through menopause. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that men go through a similar thing called andropause, which is the term for a decrease in testosterone in men, and therefore a decrease in sex drive. 

Fortunately for men, this tends to be a gradual decrease overtime, whereas menopause happens very suddenly. Not a huge advantage for our male counterparts, but at least they don’t have to look forward to the ominous change. It is indeed true that age is cruel to us all. 

With age comes a decrease in some of our more precious hormones, and a good method to alleviate this issue is called Hormone Replacement Therapy (which almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you, it’s definitely a thing). By supplementing the body with lost estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone hormones, symptoms of these issues tend to decrease. 

The great thing about hormone replacement therapy is that it’s not just to increase your sex drive. There are so many things that go wrong with our bodies as we age, such as weight gain, sleep, decreased muscle strength, difficulty concentrating, and overall exhaustion. These are all components of our lives that we take for granted when we’re young, but these are basic human functions that we deserve to experience even as we approach the senior discount at the grocery store. 

Effective, But Not Invasive

Alright, this one’s for the ladies. 

As we age, our sex drive definitely diminishes, as we previously discussed. But there’s another major component that affects us intimately, and it’s arguably the greatest achievement that the human body can accomplish; childbirth. For those who have given birth, it is no secret that it is very, very hard on the human body to make another human body and then to bring that body into existence. It’s a beautiful thing, but it is certainly not for the weak. And after all that, what you’re left with is a bundle of joy and urination every time you cough or sneeze. 

So, in order to fix this, it’s got to be a major and expensive plastic surgery endeavor that’s going to put you out for weeks, right? With Vaginal Rejuvination, a noninvasive laser technology, the recovery time is very minimal (as is the pain), and women have seen improvement after just one or two treatments. It can be a nerve-racking thing for anybody to have any work done…down there, but the benefits from the procedure are long-lasting, making it worthwhile. 

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There’s a Change in the Weather

Obviously, everybody is different, with different experiences and different results. Although these options may have different outcomes, the need for hormonal and laser therapy is something that everyone can benefit from, and is revolutionizing how we look at aging. It’s important to keep in mind that consulting a professional before making any major decisions will optimize your experience and will leave you assured. 

If there are two things aging men and women can agree upon, it’s that losing your sex drive is not the most ideal situation. Also that the weather change is affecting your arthritis.