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  1. An image of a woman in winter

    Winter Skin Survival Tips

    The winter months bring so much joy to a lot of people: wintery holidays bring people together, we celebrate the new year and new beginnings, winter sports fans have their chance to enjoy what they love. The weather, as cold as it may be sometimes, is something that a lot of people enjoy about the s…Read More

  2. What Is Regenerative Medicine?

    As we age, our tissues become damaged, diseased, or may suffer from congenital defects. Regenerative medicine is the leading scientific medical treatment for repairing that damage and creating functional, living tissues to replace or repair the tissue or organ function that was lost.  Stem cells in…Read More

  3. Balance Your Health With Bioidentical Hormones

    When’s the last time you took a look at your hormones? As we age, hormone levels begin to decline and the body may no longer function at an optimal level. Using bioidentical hormones, our practitioners develop an individualized care plan to balance and replace those declining hormones. A holistic …Read More

  4. 7 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress at Your Scottsdale Medspa

    The holidays are a truly magical time of year full of joy, spending times with friends and family, and eating lots of delicious foods, but for many, the holidays can mean added stress. Whether it’s spending time shopping with a million other people at the Scottsdale Fashion Square, working in reta…Read More