1. An image of a woman in winter

    Winter Skin Survival Tips

    The winter months bring so much joy to a lot of people: wintery holidays bring people together, we celebrate the new year and new beginnings, winter sports fans have their chance to enjoy what they love. The weather, as cold as it may be sometimes, is something that a lot of people enjoy about the s…Read More

  2. What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation and Is It Right for Me?

    As women, our bodies change over time due to bearing children, aging, menopause, hormonal changes, and more. As a result, even though their energy levels remain high, women can begin to experience changes in vaginal laxity, a reduction of vaginal lubrication, urinary incontinence due to stress, and …Read More

  3. The Nonsurgical Secret to Smoother, Tighter Skin

    We all desire to age gracefully. From trying the latest anti-aging creams and serums to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, there are many ways to fight the signs of aging. What’s more, many people assume that the only way to achieve youthful-looking skin as we age is by undergoing invasive…Read More

  4. Is a Vampire Breast Lift For Me?

    Vampire Breast Lifts are one of the most popular, non-surgical solutions for enhancing the breasts, but what exactly is this treatment? A Vampire Breast Lift uses a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is infused with hyaluronic acid fillers, to not only improve the appearance of a pati…Read More

  5. Natural Scar Remedies to Compliment Medspa Treatments, Part 2

    Welcome back! In part one of our two-part blog series, we began looking at some natural topical treatments for treating facial scars. Some of the topical solutions we looked at included apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and raw, organic cocoa butter and coconut oil. Not only can these treatments minim…Read More

  6. Natural Scar Remedies to Compliment Medspa Treatments, Part 1

    Welcome back to the Vibe MedSpas blog! In our last post, we looked at some of the most effective medical spa treatments for reducing the appearance of facial scars. As we mentioned, facial scars are incredibly common, caused by injuries, minor cuts and scrapes, surgery, acne, and even health conditi…Read More