1. Middle-aged woman looking in the mirror and applying cream underneath her right eye.

    4 Aspects to Look for in a Med Spa

    It’s only natural that you want to keep your skin looking fresh, young, and healthy. You do all you can by wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, but if you’re feeling like your skin care is still lacking, then our med spa in Scottsdale can help!  Here at Vibe MedSpas, we aim to provid…Read More

  2. What is Botox and Is It Right For Me?

    As we age, our skin shows the signs first. As skin gets thinner, less elastic, and drier, it’s more difficult for it to hide the signs of damage. Over time, this creates wrinkles, lines, and creases, most noticeably on the face.  For many, the wrinkles around their eyes and mouth make them self-c…Read More

  3. Benefits of IV Therapy

    Our bodies need vitamins in order to function properly. Fortunately, we are able to get most of our essential vitamins through food. Unfortunately, this isn’t always realistic. Whether you struggle to eat a balanced diet or you have deficiencies that need additional assistance, there are many diff…Read More

  4. Ugly Truths, Spectacular Solutions

    What’s the best thing about getting older? Is it watching your kids grow, and then having the opportunity to watch their kids grow? Maybe the best thing about aging is the vast amounts of wisdom that come from years of experience. Whatever the best thing may be, there are plenty of reasons to cele…Read More

  5. The Neglected Resolution

    New year, new you! In the days following our New Years’ resolutions, now is the time to keep up with everything we promised in 2019 that we would do in 2020. For New Years’ resolutions, we tend to focus on things like weight loss, putting an end to nasty habits, and being the bossiest version of…Read More

  6. Woman holding flower next to eye, prominently featuring sculpted a eyebrow

    Is Microblading the Right Look for You?

    Microblading has taken the world of beauty and fashion by storm, providing a new way for beauty specialists to help you look your very best. Hair follicles are incredibly easy to damage by improperly over-plucking or over-waxing, and even just age can make once-full eyebrows look thin and sparse, wh…Read More

  7. Botox Versus Juvéderm: What Is Right For You?

    When it comes to wrinkles and other spots on your face, you have many different options out there to go after. Both are great fillers that can get rid of those unwanted spots, but it isn’t always easy to tell which would be the right one for you. Each treatment can deliver natural-looking results …Read More

  8. 4 Must-Try Age-Defying Treatments for 2019

    The new year is here, which means there are plenty of opportunities to try new treatments to enhance your natural beauty in 2019. But with so many options, how do you pick one that is right for you, which addresses your individual needs and beauty goals? While there are a number of med spa treatment…Read More

  9. 5 Reasons to Get IPL Photofacial Treatments, Part 2

    Welcome back to our short blog series! We would all prefer to have naturally smooth, evenly pigmented skin, but the reality is that most of us struggle with skin issues such as redness, blotchiness, and hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, there are a plethora of effective treatments that can eliminate t…Read More

  10. 5 Reasons to Get IPL Photofacial Treatments, Part 1

    There are a number of common skin imperfections that most of us would rather do without. While there are a myriad of skin care treatments available that target specific problems, one med spa treatment offers a solution for multiple skin concerns. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests th…Read More