I live in Las Vegas…

I live in Las Vegas and My husband I decided to spend more time here in Scottsdale and I thought I need to find a new place for my treatment . I found Vibe Med spas through Groupon they really have a great deal .

I came away earlier than my schedule and the reception was very nice asked me I wanted a bottle of water and I said would love to so she gave me one.

When my time came , Stephanie greeted me and she complimented my shoes and honestly she got me right there so we talked about shoes for a while, It shoes she is a personable not just about business or getting people in and out as soon as possible.

Stephanie who happened the owner of the place which I was very lucky because she is Very details with the process . I told her I have a full make up and she gave me towel and make up cleaner .

When I got back she explained me what’s the photo facial and everything I needed to know about the process . She is so gentle , patient and made sure I am not in pain with the heat .

Stephanie , Thank you for being such an awesome person and professional with what you do .

I will definitely see you again once I am settled in Scottsdale.

I wish you guys all the BEST and I know you will !!!

Emmy Pakpahan Daprizio